The Spaaaah! Experience

Modern society assails its members with tension at every turn, from the tap-and-go tedium of gridlock traffic to the strain of endless business meetings. Shed some stress with a massage at Spaaaah! for Medical Wellness. Choose from any of the following massage types: bamboo fusion, deep tissue, hot stone, medical, neuromuscular, reflexology, sports, or Swedish/relaxation.

Focusing on wellness for the entire body, we tailor each massage to the individual needs of our clients. Our highly skilled squad of stress experts obliterates aches and pains using a variety of techniques, making each session the invigorating equivalent of a power nap in a waterfall. Choose a deep-tissue massage to target muscles and tissue hidden deep below the surface of the skin, or opt for a Swedish massage for a taste of the kneading and stretching that made the Vikings the most relaxed civilization in history. Medical and neuromuscular massages may help a number of health conditions and ailments, whereas a sports massage can help weekend warriors recuperate after a punishing workout or strenuous staring contest. Our therapist will sooth your tension and can use our signature hot stone therapy to melt away those tight muscles. You could skip the stones and opt for a reflexology massage that focuses on the hands and feet, known to doctors as the control panels of the body.

A superb retreat for busy moms, high-powered businesspeople, and overworked crossing guards, we have the treatment to revert any body back to its naturally euphoric state. In addition to our services, we have online medical record keeping for all our patients to help head off future, paperwork-related stress, and a clutter-free décor gives eyeballs a relaxing visual rubdown.