Spaaaah! Rewards Program

Spaaaah! Rewards has been designed for our loyal clients as a thank you. We are celebrating 20 years in business because of you—the most important person in our spa.

All you need to do is show your Spaaaah! Rewards Card when you are checking out. Collect your points and redeem them for complimentary services. Check out how many points you have earned below.

*Click here to check your points*


Biofreeze 4oz 300
Standard Process Catalyn 90 Capsules 300
Lumbar Support 600
Tri-Core Chiropractic Pillow 700
Standard Process Catalyn 360 Capsules    
Chiro-flow Chiropractic Pillow 800
30 Minute Massage 800
60 Minute Massage 1100

Bonus Points

10 points for pre-booking your next appointment at the checkout
200 points for every client you refer to spaaaah! (Client must schedule and show up for 1st visit)
200 points for booking an “Ahhh! Team Event” with us! (Limit 2 per year)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I accumulate SpaaaahPoints?
It’s easy! You accumulate points through everyday interactions with Spaaaah! for Medical Wellness and East Kemper Chiropractic.

When can I use my SpaaaahPoints?
SpaaaahPoints are redeemable as soon as you have accumulated enough points to purchase a service or retail product in full. SpaaaahPoints cannot be redeemed for partial services or products.

Can I still accumulate points if I use health insurance?
Yes! You will accumulate 25 points per visit when you use your heath insurance.

Are SpaaaahPoints redeemable for cash?
No. SpaaaahPoints are not redeemable for cash.

Are SpaaaahPoints transferable?
No. SpaaaahPoints must be redeemed by the client who earned them.

What if I lose my Spaaaah! Rewards Card?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to reimburse your points for a lost card. We will have to reactivate a new card for you.

Can I still get my points if I forget to give my card at the front desk the last time I was in?
No. Unfortunately, if you do not present your card at the time of service, we will not be able to give you points from that time.

Are there any restrictions for the SpaaaahPoints Rewards program?
Yes. You can only accumulate SpaaaahPoints for cash services/products bought at the office. Giftcards bought online will not earn you points.

If I was in a car accident (personal injury) or hurt on the job (worker’s compensation) can I accumulate points for my visits at Spaaaah?
No. The reward system is not good for personal injury or worker’s compensation cases.